Saturday, 19 September 2015

8 Social Media Villains and How to Deal With Them [INFOGRAPHIC]

While freedom of speech is the hallmark of social, the freedom that comes with such anonymity can encourage users to say things they might not say in person. Inevitably, there are grammarians, know-it-alls, and outright aggressive abusers.
Lately social networks like Twitter and Reddit have put restrictions in place to combat pernicious trolling on their sites. Still, some users are just, well, a little annoying, and not worthy of being banned. And, maybe one type of troll requires different action than another. You might be wondering, should you respond, ignore, or boot?
In this infographic, CreditLoan breaks down the right common types of “Social Villains” and how you should respond to each.
Some examples:
  • The Skeptic: When faced with a chronic truther, just ignore them. Feed them with factual evidence and they’ll just find ways to negate it.
  • The Disrupter: TL;DR, this person is clogging your comments section with noise. Don’t bother to respond if he or she didn’t bother to read. Comb your queue for thoughtful comments and respond to those instead.
  • The Shameless Link-Dropper: This person sees every post as an opportunity to self-advertise. Create a policy that’s strong on this and state it on your site. Filter out posts that don’t meet it.
  • The Whistle Blower: They’re a little smug, and they’re not exactly wrong, but what are you supposed to do? People gotta make a living. Blast them with better content.
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