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14 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog Using Facebook

Do you have a blog? Are you giving your best efforts to create the quality articles? Even you write the good articles, without readers, you are just a failed marketer. So make sure you use some good ways to drive traffic to your blog, it is essential.
Everyone know that Facebook is a great opportunity to drive traffic to website.
Below are 14 effective methods to drive traffic to your website using Facebook.

1. Make Your Images Big

I already conducted some experiments that are the comparisons between the posts that include images and posts with no photos, the result is if you insert images into the post, you get around 120% more engagement.
And remember to use full sized images while you post or update on Facebook. To assess your success, you should use Facebook Insights with your blog site metrics with full sized images. Most of time, try to use the best ways to generate the most blog traffic.
Upload the images directly to Facebook to get the full sized images.
My tips:
  • If you want to have cleaner posting, use a shortened link such as a and link to your blog post in your text.
  • Upload an eye-catching, appealing images to attract people to click to your website. Use some methods to analyze the success of those images, such as check your Facebook or blog site metrics.
  • Find the best working posts and repeat them.
  • If you want to keep your text cleaner, use a shortened link in your full sized image posts.

2. Use The Short Updates

On Facebook, using the short and witty updates will generate the most engagement with click throughs. You need to use a lots of short text everytime, to drive traffic to your blog article. My experience here is using the sentence that has under 140 characters.
And you should know that there are many people who use Facebook on smartphone, that’s why keep in mind that if you create any text, make it short, clear and attracting.
Tips for Making Short Facebook Updates:
  • Do not make any Facebook updates over 140 characters.
  • Try to make some teaser of your website by writing out 4 or 5 short sentences to describle your articles.
  • Keep your mobile readers in mind.

3. Post Quality Content

First of all, you need to use any content that is related to your audience, then your Fans will like and share that content. If you can increase the engagement, your edge rank will be scored, as well as your friends will see this content.

4. Ask Questions

Using questions is one way to attract your Facebook fans and generate clicks to your Facebook.
And remember to use the short, witty and intriguing question, do not forget to keep those questions related back to your blog article.
There are many ways to ask the question, such as trivia, fill-in-the-blank, personal views, etc.
Tips for Asking Questions:
  • Of course, make the short questions, easy to read and link to your Fan Page.
  • Use the curiosity-invoking questions to attract users to get clicking or commenting actions.
  • Use various questions types.

5. Use a Short Quote From Your Blog

Tell your Fans what your website about, the taste of your articles. Quotes are most used on Facebook to share contents. If one Fan shares your update, he/she will try to click through to your website.
Make a concise quote from your article, you can use the personalized photo.
Tips for Using Quotes:
  • Select the clearly summarizes quote.
  • Use the invoke controversy quote.
  • Personalize your quote by inserting your photos.

6. Skip the Link

Some people post the text with the link of the website because they want users to click through to their blog. But this is a not good idea, delete the link in your text before you post it, unless you are posting a full sized image. Try to make your update clean.
How to skip the Link:
  • Keep updating your Facebook.
  • If you use full sized image, you can use actual link.
  • Do not insert your article link with the text while posting.

7. Make How-To Blog Articles

On Facebook, people do not just want to search for products or services, they want to find something that enhances their life. So your mission is trying to post the tips and tricks to enrich the lives to help people to catch up with their friends.
So every time you make a how-to article, or write a lifestyle, share them to Facebook Page, you will have a lot of viewers, as traffic.

8. Host Contests on Your Blog

Try to publish an interactive content as much as possible, like the contests. And promote them to Facebook Page.
Your Fans need to captivate with you, and numerous organizations indulge this by facilitating Facebook challenges. Switch up your showcasing system to drive more perspectives to site.
Host challenges on your site, as well. Make your challenges more shareable to posting about it on Facebook.

9. Use ‘Weekly Wrap Up’

Every weeken, try to create a blog post from the best articles you made in week and share it on Facebook. Following this method, you will provide your Fans the chance to see blog artiacles. This is a good way to attract users, get the visitors, increase traffic, get more click throughs.
Your “Weekly Wrap Up” must look good, with images inserted. Using images and photos will make your Facebook update look pretty.

10. Embed Short Video

This is the most popular and effective way that many webmaster use. In addition of using creative images, you should make the short video to bring the essence of your blog articleto your readers. Then just embed that video to your Facebook Page.
Using video to promote your website through Facebook is a smart way that you should follow. Why? Because everyone will be got attracting from one video, they can get a really taste of your article. If your video is enough enticing, your post will get more visitors with click through to your website.
If you are not good in English, or you have never tried to create a Video, or you are afraid of creating a video, talking English front of people, you can use paid services, such as Fiverr.

11. Share Blog Content Of Other People

While it may appear strange, imparting other individuals’ substance is really a splendid procedure in driving more movement to your website webpage.
Online networking is about imparting. In this way, impart website content from industry pioneers, your Fans, and other legitimate sources. Utilization articles that are significant to your business sector, and that identify with your business as well.
This methodology makes your business look all the more ready to impart (and consequently pick up complementary Fan imparts), your clients will admire your enlightening substance (which can pick up client dependability), and the organizations you’ve imparted will be more prone to impart your substance to their Fans as well (which can bring new activity to your online journal).

12. Use Blog Tab

The Blog Tab of Facebook brings you another valuable that is fairly simple to share content and attract people to click on your website link.
How to add blog tab?
Using an app to add a Blog Tab on Facebook is an easiest way, for example: NetworkedBlogs. This site will help you to register your blog, add a tab, then your articles will streamed automatically to your tab page, it is a wonderful way to SEO and get clicks from users, isn’t it?

13. Promoting

There are many ways to promote your Page on Facebook, try to use any of following:
  • Promote to Fans
  • Promote to Website Visitors
  • Promote to Specific Website Visitors
  • Promoting to Other Groups

14. Use Facebook Ads

Not everyone can get success from what they want, not everyone can get much traffic by using Facebook. If you have learned all of thing, you have tried many ways to increase traffic from Facebook to your website, but you see no success, it’s time to think again, it’s time to use Facebook ads.
Facebook ads is a premium service, you need to pay to advertise your website link. Facebook ads will boost your reach to targeted audiences in just few simple steps. This is very effective way to drive traffic directly to your website.
You can utilize what Facebook used to call elevated presents on focus on your website redesigns to Fans and their companions. You can utilize more focused on Facebook advertisements to achieve Facebookers with your specialty demographics and hobbies.
If you know how to use Facebook Ads wisely, you do not have to pay much for this service, try to choose the pay-per-click option, you only need to pay if people click to your website. Facebook Ads helps you to target to specific and interested people, so your ads will get clicked by exact niche.
How to maximize user engagement?
Below is an inforgraphic to show you how you can maximize user engagement and breaks down what you need to do to get more Facebook traffic.


On Facebook, you do not have to spend money to buy ads to increase traffic to your website.
In this inforgraphic, you can use the available data to increase your Facebook traffic on your own.
On the image above, you can see the fastest growing blog is Upworthy, because they only focused to share the content that their users wanted by analyzing Facebook’s data.
Thanks for reading my article. If you have any question, please leave a comment.
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