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6 Tips & Tricks To Get Massive Traffic From Squidoo

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Squidoo is a hidden diamond in the world of social networks. There are many webmasters, business owners, website designers often overlooked this one of biggest social networks on the planet. The reason why it’s overlooked because of not as flashy as other social networks. But the main reason why many people do not use Squidoo, in my opinion, because of the “conversation” of Squidoo lenses is not user-friendly.

Now, you are start thinking why I’m sharing the online tool that nobody cares about. Yes, you are thinking the right way, but you need to understand that, even people are not mention it, it doesn’t mean that there is not any value in using it. Squidoo is offering webmasters and developers a thousands tool to help driving traffic to their website. So, in this article, first, I will tell you what Squidoo is, the history, the benefits of using Squidoo and how to use Squidoo to get a massive traffic to your website with some tips and tricks.

What is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a free online tool that allows people to create “Lens” – a web page. Each lens is a topic. In Squidoo, we will see that everyone is an expert in something while others are experts in many things. That’s why Squidoo was born to allow those “experts” to create a web page – lens where they are experts.

Join Squidoo, you will be able to create a web page where you can use to discuss any topic that you want to. And all of the lenses are free to use and they are hosted on Squidoo lenses can even produce pay for you through advertisements. You can decide to keep that cash or give it to your most loved philanthropy. The greater part of this is free and open to any individual who needs to construct a Squidoo lens.

Why Should We Use Squidoo?

Squidoo lens is web pages for everyone who has something to say, who need a topic to passionate about. Squidoo is a free tool for the global community to discuss topics. And people can contribute to the dissemination of information to groups or others people who are interested in. Below are the list of businesses or people who should have Squidoo lenses:
  • Homeowners looking to rent or sell a home
  • Marketers looking to build awareness for their business or a client’s business
  • Students looking for an interesting project idea
  • Website Designers & Website Developers
  • Auto Dealers looking to showcase their inventory
  • Moms who have a skill that they want to share with the world
  • Sports Teams

They are just few example in the unlimited list that I can tell you. As I said every person who is just an expert or highly knowledgeable on any topic need to create the Squidoo Lens.

Why Squidoo Can Help To Increase Website Traffic?

Even Squidoo does not get used as much as it should, but it is a great tool for sure. If you are going to join this social network, you will have a lot of opportunities to create valuable lenses that have not been created by others. For website developers or designers, creating Squidoo lenses is an easy way to drive traffic to websites. See what benefits you can get from Squidoo:
  • First of all, it is a free tool.
  • It can drive massive traffic to your website.
  • The built-in SEO features of Squidoo lenses make them near the top of search engine search results.
  • Visitors of your Lenses will be visitors of your website.
  • Squidoo offer affiliate programs which you can earn money through.
  • This social network can be used as a funnel for driving quality traffic to your website.
  • It is extremely easy to build a lens.
  • Building a lens can be very quick.

Squidoo truly is an incredible online apparatus. Site Designers and Website Developers can truly profit from building Squidoo lenses. I unquestionably prescribe that on the off chance that you don’t have one as of now, to make a Squidoo account today.

How To Create A Squidoo Lens

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The time you need to create one Squidoo Lens is very short. And it is very easy to create a lens. Below are following step-by-step to create a Squidoo Lens:
1. Define the topic of your Lens
2. Write your page information
3. Tag your page so people can find it!
4. Configure the “Earn Money” Settings
5. Add modules – And start building your Squidoo lens
6. Add Tags
7. Preview Your Lens
8. Final – Publish Your Lens

Tips To Increase Website Traffic Using Squidoo

As I mentioned above, now you are clear about how to create a Squidoo Lens, and you know the benefits of Squidoo, so we should reveal the tips and tricks to know how to create the highest quality Lens possible. Below are the tips that I already followed for my website to get the massive traffic, believe me or not, note them down:

1. Keyword Selection is KEY

The way you choose the keywords is the defining the successful of your lens. If you are going for competitive keywords, I’m pretty sure that your lenses will never be ranked or up.
So, I highly recommend you to use Google’s keyword tool to identify terms with high volume but low competition to avoid fail. Go for the keywords that is medium or high search each month and low competition, you might have a greater chance for ranking with a Squidoo lens. And I also recommend you to use MarketSamurai – the excellent tool for competitive and keyword research.

2. Monetize Your Lenses

The way you build and the way you write the content are affecting to your lenses. Below are few alternatives that you can use to monetize Squidoo lenses:
  1. Affiliate Sales: Join Affiliate programs, write a review about products, then link images and links to Squidoo to generate traffic to your website.
  2. Link Value: Use lenses to create a powerful inbound link to your site.
  3. Amazon Sales: Squidoo offers you modules to link to products on Amazon.
  4. Selling Your Own Products: It is one of the good way to promote your products and drive traffic to your website.
  5. Trending Topics: Keep an eye out for trends.
  6. Create “Best of” Lists: Keep researching the most popular products or topics that people have difficulty to find.

3. Create the Best Possible Lens

Before you start creating Squidoo lenses, you should create a strategy. You must define how many unique articles you can write about your keywords, also use mind-mapping to create a lens creation strategy.
Elements list of Good Lens:
  • Lens Title
  • Module Titles: These are H2 tags.
  • Lens URL
  • Primary tag
  • Link Lists
  • Text Boxes (at least 3-4 times)
  • Videos

Writing Your Lenses: Remember that do not copy content and focus on benefits for your visitors. And you should be brief, trustworthy. Do not forget to proofread and also get someone ELSE to proofread your lenses.

Enhancing Your Lenses: To enhance your lenses, you should use at least five modules for each lens, some powerful modules are: Polls, Comments, and Quizzes. To make your lenses better, please add an RSS feed widget, Update your lenses frequently, use Amazon Spotlight and use Event Tracking on your links.

4. Anatomy of an Excellent Lens

Study well-positioning lenses with high engagement to addition thoughts of how to make your own lenses.

5. Promote Your Lens

Build Links to Your Lenses: After creating lenses, the next step is building links to each of your lenses. This task will help you achieve the well ranking in Google that helps you to gain traffic. Remember to follow Google’s guidelines and do not build low-quality links. Something you should avoid:
  1. Do not buy links
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content
  3. Avoid Automated Software

Places to Submit Your Lens: Try to make some natural backlinks to your lenses. There is a variety of follow/no follow links, so make sure you should choose the website, social networks or forum that allows do follow links. Think and build natural. Below are the list of place where you need to submit your lenses:
  • Social Media
  • Guest Blogging
  • Multimedia Sites
  • Forums
  • Blog Commenting
  • Article Marketing Sites
  • Social Bookmarking

6. Improving Your LensRank

Your lens rank figures out if you get a payout from Squidoo and how your lens performs on the Squidoo site and group.

Lens rank thinks about the execution of every lens against that of all different lenses. Figuring the lens rank thinks seriously about variables, for example, activity, deals, freshness, Squid likes, and Blessings.

To enhance your lens rank, you have to increase activity. You can increase movement from positioning great in Google, or you can run publicizing battles to attract activity, and engagement, to your lenses.

When you fabricate activity, your objective is to support engagement. Make it simple for clients to partake! Include different surveys and remark modules to every lens. Case in point split your lenses up into sub-subjects. After every subject, include a survey and a remarks area. Tests are an alternate fabulous method for expanding your lensrank.

Compose convincing substance that urges individuals to click on your connections. Click out are a tremendous element for enhancing lens rank. Don’t simply connection to your own particular destinations. Find supportive important assets, fun stuff, and incredible pictures and features to incorporate.

Concentrate on intriguing, simple to peruse the content that creates engagement as clicks, taking part in surveys, tests, and remarks, and with the satisfactory number of guests, watch your lens rank increment!

Other tips to get traffic from Squidoo:
1. Don’t Use Copyrighted Images
2. Justify Your Text
3. Be Personal
4. Follow the “Three U’s”
5. Abide by Squidoo’s TOS


If you have come through to the end of my posting, follow six steps and some sharing tips above, I’m sure you will have a successful while driving traffic from Squidoo to your website.

Just spend a little bit of time and giving some dedication with Squidoo, you will get targeted traffic from that social network to your website. Using Squidoo wisely with right choosing keywords, your can promote your lenses easy to have high ranking in Google in just few days.

Thanks for reading! If you found this article helpful, please share it to other people!
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