Wednesday, 24 December 2014

10 Quick Tips About Marketing Automation

Well, the UK based Aberdeen Group suggests that companies, big or small, that use marketing automation tools, have an increase of 451% in leads generated for business!
Astounding isn’t it? In terms of money and returns? Well read on…………
Just like Hollywood taps into the burgeoning goods and paraphernalia market riding high on the success of PR and ad campaigns of movie stars and their films with social media and showy marketing, small and medium businesses resort to marketing automation tools to turn every move into an opportunity.
Everyone wants to rake in the cash like Alibaba or Amazon, but how many really do?
What ARE marketing automation tools?
As a sales manager or a business development guy, you could jump into marketing automation tools that streamline the workflow of your business and allow for an efficient task and lead generation.
Some smart moves in using marketing automation tools, especially these quick 10, can go a long way in reaping profits:

1. Know the hand that feeds the mouth: 
Sending marketing campaigns to businesses and customers through automation software is common. But don’t brood over lead generation to the extent of spamming mailboxes of random people! Research shows, marketing automation strategy investments fail when companies try to automate the delivery of product and business emails without even engaging with the recipient. You cannot implement an email automation program without first identifying the audience. This will not impact revenues in the long run and lead to bad press.
2. Step in where automation steps out:

To be successful in using marketing collaterals for inbound marketing tools, you need to think! And yes that needs to be hard! A solid understanding of your sales funnel is necessary. Ask your sales guy to do some good research when to convert a marketing qualified lead (MQL) to a sales qualified lead (SQL).
3. It’s not always about money honey!

Stop focussing on sales and returns only. What is even more important for the long run is providing credibility about your product and stand out. Educating clients is important. When you nurture an understanding with potential buyers, they will buy next time you make the pitch if not NOW!
4. Optimize and Strategise!

Setting up an automated workflow is half the battle won. You should be a good tester too. Successful marketers know how to continuously better themselves to retain great conversion rates.
5. Response Metrics, did you say?

Don’t just look at immediate sales numbers. They never tell the entire story. In fact, focus on Key 
Performance Indicators (KPI) that impact conversion rates, MQL to SQL, cost per leads etc. The returns on your software can be better measured once you do this!
6. Connect all the dots!

When you automate using marketing collaterals for inbound marketing tools, make sure you connect all processes of your business. Aligning all parts of a business is must. In short, connect the dots to make the straightest possible line of business!
7. One at a time!

When you use marketing automated tools, make sure you take one department at a time. Touch all functions of your business but be careful and systematic in your approach.
8. Clean up your CRM!

What is of paramount importance is to Customer Relationship Management systems. These need sustained guidance and careful assimilation into the automation mode.

9. Start with a clean slate!

You should make sure all data is secure and clean when you run a marketing automation system. Your business will only yield results if you do so.
10. Stay inclusive and stay focussed! 
Finally, the key to bag the best returns in business is to stay right on the automation track and not lose sight of the bigger dream. It may not be easy and profitable from the word go, but never lose the broader aim. 

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