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How To Improve CTR In Organic Search Results

Website and blog traffic is dependent on organic search results in a number of ways. Sometimes, even if a domain is ranking high on search results, searchers don’t click on it. It is a troubling situation. As such, the task of the webmaster will be to improve CTR in organic search results.
The article discusses CTR and how to improve CTR in organic search results.

What is CTR?

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a method of measuring the effectiveness of online advertising campaignssuch as email blasts or paid product promotion through Google AdWords. A higher CTR implies effective marketing campaign.
A page may receive thousands of impressions but just few clicks, which is not a good scenario. Efforts should always be made to improve CTR in organic search results.

How to Improve CTR in Organic Search Results?

Here are 7 ways.

1) Promotion and Branding

In the recent days, offsite promotion is mostly preferred over onsite promotion. This accelerates more users to click on the links of the various websites. It helps to maximise affiliate marketing revenue.
Branding and promotion are important concepts of improving CTR. Appropriate SERP position increases the visibility by giving the website in first three ranks.

2) Title and Meta Tags

The web page that you are creating should contain title tags which are able to portray the idea in one shot. User should be able to get what they want from just one click.
Meta tags are the two lined descriptions which gives information of the product or services. A good and attractive title or Meta tag containing the said keyword will automatically improve CTR in organic search results.

3) Cautious Selection of Keywords

User can browse and research a variety of keywords to get their desired search results. So, the actual idea should be used in keywords.
Selection of keywords should be in such a way that with one click the website appears to them.

4) Being Responsive Towards Feedbacks and Reviews

Ratings, reviews, likes and feedbacks are crucial aspects in online marketing.
  • Feedbacks- Being responsive to various customer feedbacks not only boosts the business but also increase the number of clicks for the site. Users like to get a clear-cut idea about all the facts and figures. Proper answering of the queries helps in public relationship which is essential in marketing. It enhances the business and also helps to improve CTR in organic search results.
  • Reviews- A user has to click on to the web portal to write a review. So, these clicks are counted by Google.
  • Ratings- The ratings of the users from 3 to 5 are equally responsible in the process of online promotion.
  • Likes- When more users like the webpage, CTR improves to a certain level. This in turn boosts up the organic search results.

5) Site Optimization

If your website needs images, screenshots or other links, do not hesitate in adding it. This is called internal linking. The user might click on these links for information so each and every detailing becomes necessary.
Videos, tagging, captions and links provide a detailing of the product or service which is searched by a user all the time. This is called site optimization.

6) Having Authority

The word “copyrights” should be present in the footer to imply the legality of the website.  Implementation of rules and following those rules makes you genuine towards marketing.
Customers search for genuine products/services which can only be possible if there is a trademark of the company. This ensures more chances of consecutive clicks on the web portal.

7) Analysis of CTR Results

When it comes to drawing the attention of customers then CTR results matters most importantly. Keeping a check on the percentage of the results, whether it is increasing or decreasing, should be done.
A general percentage of clicks are 0.2% out of 1000 clicks. If the percentage does not make even up to 0.2%, then revising and updating the contents of the page makes the job effective.


Building links helps to improve CTR in organic search results. A well focused plan and a targeted audience makes the procedure even easier.
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