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How to Set Up a Verified YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great tool and one way you can get more traffic from this platform is by setting up a verified YouTube channel that actually points toward your site.
If you will notice, YouTube doesn’t automatically do this for you, which is just plain aggravating.  There are so many hoops to jump through to actually get the most out of the internet, however, it is a necessary process and I’m going to show you how to do it.

What Good Is YouTube For My Blog?

Video is the simplest way to show people how to do something.  I am one of the worst people at staying consistent on YouTube, so I need to practice what I preach to you guys and start doing more video’s.  Actually I’m thinking about doing something along the same lines as what one of my friends, Allie Rambles, does on her blog.  It’s called “Video Thursday”.  Except mine will be whenever I feel froggy that week!
Anyway, YouTube is great for your blog because there is a whole different spectrum of searchers on this platform.  Plus, if you can create a video on YouTube, pointing to your blog article in the description, then you will be curating a backlink that is pretty powerful too.  So not only does it help you with traffic, but also with SEO.  Getting a verified YouTube channel is pretty simple.
Some false statements about YouTube:
  • If you record it they will come- Nope.  That’s not right!  Just by uploading a video to YouTube doesn’t mean that hoards of traffic will be headed your way in the next five minutes.  There are certain aspects of things that you need to do to make this find people rather than people finding you.
  • YouTube has a high pagerank and therefore I can put my blog URL on it to get a good link- Well, part of this is true, but it’s not as simple as that.  I’m going to cover this in a tutorial video below, but getting your link verified on YouTube actually starts with a different site altogether!
  • Any old video will do- Again, a lot of high-tech videographer’s are making it rough for the rest of us!  When I first started blogging, any old video would’ve been good enough!  Not anymore.  The “talking head” or simply put, just staring at the screen talking to it, is not going to work.  People get bored with this and it can hurt your chances of getting them through the whole thing, which also determines your YouTube ranking.
Getting a verified YouTube channel is great for your blog.  I can’t honestly sit here and tell you that I get a load of traffic from YouTube, because I don’t.  Why?  As I said before, I’m not that consistent on it.  But that is going to change!  I am going to start blogging about the things that I have learned from YouTube and pass them on to you as I learn them.
See how this average guy took his YouTube account and became rich!

Setting Up A Verified YouTube Channel

Did you know that YouTube has a PageRank of 9? That’s pretty high, and a verified backlink from them would take the place of thousands of comments on other people’s sites. That’s a lot of work that you don’t have to do! Actually, all you have to do to get a verified YouTube channel is to become a verified Google Plus user. In order to become a verified author on Google Plus, then you need to have your Google Authorship Markup established. It’s a very simple process to do, the only thing is it takes Google awhile to verify you.
In this video, I have found some things out that I want to show you. It also includes how to get a verified YouTube channel as well. I hope this helps!
Your Turn
Getting a verified YouTube channel is not that hard, it really determines your status with Google Plus.  But I definitely recommend you doing this, if not for the backlink.  What are some more suggestions that you can think of that can help everyone with driving traffic to your blog?
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