Thursday, 26 February 2015

Top 20 SEO Tips & Tricks For Google

Want to buck up the search engine ranks of your website right away? Well, in that case, figuring out some of the best SEO tips and tricks can work wonders for you. In order to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of the top 20 SEO tricks that’ll buck up your search engine ranks in Google simply with a few clicks. Have a look at these awesome guidelines. 
A SEO friendly template- In order to buck up your SEO ranks, you’ve got to get started by using SEO friendly templates for your site. Go for a responsive theme, that loads quickly and is compatible with all browsers and devices.
High quality content- While coming up with your own website, make sure that the website content is engaging, innovative and non-plagiarized.
A good meta description- A good meta description is the backbone of a content. So every time you post a content, try to come up with a meta description of 120-140 words before the post.
Make the URL SEO friendly- Try to use permalink in order to make your URL SEO friendly. Also try to use the main keywords in the permalink title.
Keep a proper keyword density ratio- Try to maintain a proper ratio of keyword density. Too less of keyword or keyword stuffing won’t work. You’ve got to keep the a proper ratio.
Using proper headings- While coming up with a web content, try to use the headings in the H1, H2 and H3 format. Always write the keyword in the H2 format.
Optimizing your images- In order to optimize your images, always use the alt+title tag.
Coming up with quality backlinks- While building backlinks for your site, do not come up with these links very fast as Gooogle marks the extra-fast backlinks as spam. Take time to build quality backlinks on websites that have a proper page rank, Alexa rank and domain and page authority.
Length of the post- The minimum length of a good SEO optimized post is 300 words and the maximum length is 800 words. Don’t make it more than 800 words.
Good keywords- Do not figure out the keywords yourself. Rather, try to use some keyword optimizing tool to figure out the relevant keywords for your post.
Choosing key phrases- Key phrases have even better effects than keywords. So instead of concentrating on keywords, try to concentrate on key phrases as well. Try to go for phrases that compare the keywords well.
Choosing a proper place for navigation menu- While coming up with a SEO optimized website, always figure out a proper place for the navigation menu. We recommend you to place the menu below your logo or at the top right corner of your logo.
Social bookmarks- Social bookmarking bucks up SEO optimization of your website. So now when you come up with a site, make sure it has a Facebook page for social bookmarking.
Link your posts- Always try to link your newer content to the older ones. This has a more engaging appeal on the readers.
Speed of your site/blog- In order to buck up the speed of your site, try to use optimized images. Also make sure that there are lesser ads.
Relevant pages- Whether you have a blog or a website, always try to create separate sections for relevant pages like ‘about us’, ‘help’, ‘support’ and ‘privacy policy’.
Update your site from time to time- In order to rank high in search engines, you’ve got to ensure that your site is updated from time to time. Regular updates increase the chances of better ranking.
Redirect all your 404 error pages- Yes! In order to enjoy better SEO ranks, always redirect the 404 error pages to your homepage.
Send your sitemap to search engines- Always send your sitemap to search engines. This will increase the chances of better search engine.
Moderate the comments section- Maintain and moderate your comments section to avoid spam comments. This will automatically buck up the search engine rank of your site.
So what are you waiting for? Simply follow these guidelines and you will soon end up with better search engine ranks. Good luck!!If you have any other doubts or quires regarding SEO Tips & Tricks please let us know by commenting.Stay Tuned to All News At One for more SEO Tips & Tricks.
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