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13 Killer Ways To Increase Website Traffic

In this post, I will be discussing 13 killer ways to increase website traffic. By following these tips it will help you build a high traffic website.  Always remember in order to make money online you will need tons of traffic. These are proven methods that I personally use and continue to use to grow my traffic everyday. 

#1 Creating Amazing Content

Offering quality content to your website will help your sites traffic and give a reason for people to think of you as the expert of your field. I am sure you have heard, “content is king.” This is a popular phrase but its actually true. My biggest concern when writing for my blog is to only write great content that my readership will want to share and come back for more. Create the type of content your audience will value this will be a win-win for your site and its audience. Following this approach of always providing amazing content gives you the opportunity for your website to be the place to go and build credibility with your readers. 

#2 Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms are a great way to drive traffic and increase your revenue! I personally use social media to build relationships, drive, and repeat business. There are endless benefits of using social media as a tool to drive traffic your website. Here are my top list of why you need to use social media to grow your traffic:
  1. Branding: Why branding? Branding goes way beyond just a logo. It’s important to spend time in building your brand. Company branding is the most efficient way to show potential customers what your business is all about. 
  2. Create A Buzz: Getting buzz for your site isn’t always easy but its quite simpler when using social media. Did you know you can create and promote an event using social media platforms?  This is a quick way to create a buzz and attract tons of traffic. 
  3. Online Reputation Management:  Managing your online reputation rating and reviews can make or break your business. The key to protecting your brand online is to be proactive in using social media to address any reviews or concerns you may find of your company. 
  4. Established Yourself As An Expert: Social media presents an incredible opportunity for professionals to establish you as an expert in your niche. Different methods to establish yourself as an expert are by answering questions, reaching out, getting socially active in your field, and writing useful content.
  5. Word Of Mouth Marketing: I personally generate awareness and sale through word of mouth using my social media channels.
  6. Build Relationships And Become More Personal:  What makes me so successful in social media is because I engage with my followers. I am constantly building relationships by asking questions, reaching out to others, and provide great content. 
  7. Potential Customers: Social media is a great way to reach your potential customers. I personally use my social media channels search function to find customers. For instance, I will use the search function in Twitter and type, “my first blog.” I find individuals who just started a blog and offer my expertise directly to them. I have landed many new customers by doing this approach. I am also focus on writing content people are interested in. The key focus is to write articles on resolving an issue. 
  8. Compete With Large Companies: Use social media to find opportunities to compete with large companies. Set yourself apart by been personal, social, and telling your story. A lot of big companies forget to build inter-personal relationships. 
  9. Social Networking All Over The Globe: A great benefit of using social media as a platform to drive traffic its been able to network all over the Globe. 
  10. Get Traffic: You can easily double your traffic using social media. I personally use all of my social media channels to promote my content. 
  11. Increase Your Link Ability: This is the first and most important priority for increasing traffic to your site. Use social media to raise your link ability with social networking. 
  12. Search Engine: Social media has everything to do with search engine optimization. You will improve your search engine visibility using social media because search engine have began to incorporate social signals. 

#3 Google Authorship

Authorship and engagement on Google+ can lead to higher ranking and increase your traffic. What is Google authorship? It’s a great tool that helps search engine to find content from individuals you want to connect with or follow online. The nice feature of using Google Authorship is that Google will index your content and provides your search results with your picture. Many case studies have proven that using Google authorship has increase their click through ratio up to 150%. 

#4 Submit Your Content To Pages is a powerful publishing platform. allows you to find content about any topic pretty much and lets you create beautiful online magazines. 

#5 Stumble Upon Ads

Reach the right audience with targeted content distribution. Stumble upon lets you get clicks for just .5 cents to .25 cents per clicks. Follow these 4 simple steps: choose your topic, optimize your campaign, set a budget, schedule your campaigns. 

#6 SlideShare

What is slideshare? Slideshare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. Make it a habit to convert  your newly published blog into a slide presentation. The best feature of slide presentation been able to show lots of visual metaphors. 

#7 Convert Your Article Into A PDF

Another great way of driving traffic your site is by converting your article into a PDF. Convert your post into a PDF document and share them online.  Here are my top list of places to share your PDF file:

#8 Ebook Directories

If you already own a ebook don’t over look ebook directories. You can use ebook directories to generate free traffic your website. Here is a list of sites where you can submit your ebook:

#8 Kindle Traffic

Flood your website with traffic by publishing a book with Kindle. According to Kindle there are over a million ebooks available on the Kindle Store. These are exclusive Kindle ebooks. You can write an ebook and back link to your blog. 

#9 Audio Submission

Spark interest in your blog post and record an audio message to share with your audience or other bloggers. Audio sharing is one of the latest trends that is gaining popularity. 
Here Are 14 Popular Audio Sharing Site List:

#10 Podcast

Have you considered creating a podcast for your business? Podcasting offers you a powerful way to share your voice, your creativity, and your thoughts all at the same time while driving massive traffic to your site. 

#11 Blogging Communities

Traffic is really fundamental for your site. Want to expand your blog reach? Join blogging communities where you can interact with like minded blogger, share each other post, and build relationships with them. Blogging communities will help increase traffic, readership, and community.
Top 15 Blogging Communities:
  1. BlogEngaged
  2. Kingged
  3. BizSugar
  4. DoSplash
  5. Blokube
  6. Inbound
  7. ManageWP
  8. Indiblogger
  9. BlogCatalog
  10. Blogher
  11. BlogSter
  12. FuelMyBlog
  13. SocialBuzzClub

#12 Build Blogging Alliance

Another great way to drive traffic your website is by building genuine relationships with other bloggers. You never know where these relationships can take you in the future. 

#13 Top List Traffic

I personally love writing top list post. These types of post do drive most of my traffic. Here are my favorite list categories to choose from:
  • How to tutorials
  • List
  • Resources
  • Checklist
  • Reviews
  • Guest post
  • Controversial post
  • Info-graphics
  • Interviews
  • Blog Series
I hope this article 13 killer ways to increase website traffic comes in handy! Please make sure to subscribe to my website to stay updated with the latest online marketing trends. 
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